Studio Shot


Shortly after the peak of rock and roll and muscle cars, Chris Thompson took apart his dad’s drill and put it back together successfully.  Seeing the worn gears smeared with grease and the dull glint of the copper wire was a pivotal moment in his life; he realized he liked working with his hands and figuring things out, which ultimately led him to sculpture, painting and drawing. Chris has been doodling since he was a child, so he went to school for it at the University of Houston where he received his BFA in Sculpture.  A short time later, after realizing that a BFA in Sculpture is as useful as a sack of dead batteries, he pursued his MFA from the Rinehart School of Sculpture at the Maryland Institute College of Art in the decaying metropolis that is Baltimore, MD. His move to Brooklyn, NY was a logical improvement until one sweltering August garbage day when, as he turned around to flush the toilet, burning his hand on the stove, he wondered, momentarily, if the fetid stench was his burning flesh or the corpulent dumpster two floors below, bellowing its olfactory siren song through the open window.  So Chris questioned his notions of quality of life and moved back to Houston.  He continues to doodle, only now Chris teaches others how to do it at The Art Institute of Houston.  He is a proud member of the artist collective Sketchy Neighbors as well as the experimental music group Puppy Eyes.  There are numerous projects floating around that Chris is responsible for and that have a life of their own outside of his, and he likes it that way.